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The Athlete Warrior: Advanced Mental Training for the Advanced Athlete
Our most advanced mental training workbook for gymnasts and other athletes

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Head Games

FEAR – Tame the Beast: Individual Athlete Option
A 7-week workbook and
video program for
gymnastics and tumbling

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Head Games

Parenting Your Athlete DVD
Price: $20.00
(plus shipping)
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Train Your Mind
Gymnastics Visualization CD
$20 CD/$14.99 digital
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How is Your Mental Toughness?

Head Games purpose is to enhance performance through Mental Toughness Training. From the athlete to the executive, we train the same way...with intensity and discipline. Head Games Mental Toughness Training is very much like physical training, but in this case the "muscle" being strengthened is the mind.

Start building your mental toughness
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Create an Unshakable Mind

You train the body, but what about the MIND? Learn more about Head Games Mental Toughness Web Camp Sessions
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News and Articles

http://askdocali.com/images/coach.jpg Coaching to Overcome Fear
Gymnastics is a scary sport. But dealing with a fearful gymnast can be even scarier. How do you do it?  More »


http://askdocali.com/images/thumbs_up.jpg Breaking Down the Block (for athletes)
It's so frustrating. One minute you can do the skill the next minute you can't. So many gymnasts can do a skill perfectly one day, only to find themselves losing it, or worse yet, not even being able to go for it at all.  More »


Zen and the Art of Gymnastics
For a while it wasn't ok to say, so I hid it under the guise of simple sport psychology training. But now, the times are a changing and it's become fashionable to admit what's been true all along. I am a closet Eastern Philosophy junkie.  More »