"My daughter, has been attending Headgames since last July. When I first told her about Headgames she was adamant that there was no way it could help her. I signed up for the free trial and told her we could watch one recording sitting together so she would feel more comfortable. Within 5 minutes, she turned to me and said “I really want to watch this alone, is that okay?” Since then she had attended almost every week and gets really upset when she has to miss a week. On Sunday she became the Washington State AA Champion. The mental toughness she showed during the meet was unbelievable. Thank you so much! You’ve made a huge difference for my daughter!" Very Grateful.


The Five Rings of Mental Toughness Training DVD
By Alison Arnold Ph.D.

These five sessions lead by USA Gymnastics Sport Psychology Consultant Alison Arnold Ph.D. will help you become the gymnast you were meant to be. The mind is the most important muscle you will ever use. Each section helps you train your mind with drills, visualizations, and motivational tips from some of the leading gymnasts and coaches across the USA. Get ready to take your gymnastics to the next level. Train your mind and change your life.

Price: $40.00 plus shipping