"I like that Doc Ali teaches the kids that fears are normal and healthy. I feel that her goal is to teach them how to manage their fear. She does that by comparing the mind to a muscle. Tight mind = tight muscles. Loose mind = loose muscles. Athletes work hard to strengthen their muscles and they need to work equally as hard to strengthen their minds."


Head Games Visualization CD-Gymnastics #2
(Ages 12 and Up)
By Alison Arnold Ph.D.

This CD will help you train your mind and be the best you can be! These 3 mental "adventures" will help you gain confidence, push through fears and blocks, and be ready to hit in competition. Listen in the car, before bed, on the plane, before gym, or while going to the meet. We know that gymnastics is 90% percent mental. Train your mind, and change your gymnastics.

Price: $25.00 plus shipping