"My Level 10 daughter competed in two events last weekend and I could see a big difference in her focus. She stuck her beam, series, dismount, and all! This was an amazing accomplishment for her since she was struggling the week prior to competition. She looks awesome, everyone is asking me and her how she is doing it and she keeps telling them to sign up for Web Camp! Great testimonial from a young, injured gymnast. Thank you for your program!"

Web Camp Parent


Train Your Mind
By Alison Arnold Ph.D.

Doc Ali’s latest CD providing drills to train the mind. The first track helps the athlete gain the emotional control needed to get into their perfect mental state for practice and competition. The second track builds their mental recovery “muscle” helping to bring the mind back into proper position when dealing with pressure, fear, or frustration. The third track focuses on dealing with fear and gives a plan to conquer the fear beast. The final track puts it all together training the athlete to create and sustain a competition bubble. These 7-8 min drills are designed as mental conditioning and are perfect for the busy athlete that needs some short but powerful tools!

$20 for the CD \ $14.99 for the digital audio download