"My daughter, has been attending Headgames since last July. When I first told her about Headgames she was adamant that there was no way it could help her. I signed up for the free trial and told her we could watch one recording sitting together so she would feel more comfortable. Within 5 minutes, she turned to me and said “I really want to watch this alone, is that okay?” Since then she had attended almost every week and gets really upset when she has to miss a week. On Sunday she became the Washington State AA Champion. The mental toughness she showed during the meet was unbelievable. Thank you so much! You’ve made a huge difference for my daughter!" Very Grateful.


Alison Arnold, Ph.D.


Alison Arnold Ph.D. (Doc Ali) has been the peak performance consultant to USA Women's Gymnastics since 1997. She has worked with US Figure Skating, Australia’s Ski Team, The Boeing Company, American Express and over 15 NCAA teams.  She has trained the minds of athletes all over the world helping them become more courageous, relentless, and inspired.  She has had the honor of working with Olympic Champions, NCAA Champions, and thousands of other athletes chasing a dream. She is the author of The Athlete Warrior: Advanced Mental Training for the Advanced Athlete, FEAR-Tame the Beast, and The Leadership Warrior A-Z. She is the creator of Headgames Web Camp, the first on-line mental toughness training program for athletes. She was always motivated by Eastern philosophy and spent 12 weeks studying the mind with the Masters in Nepal, 4 weeks in a Thai forest monastery, 3 weeks in the Amazon jungle in Peru, 2 weeks in silence integrating it all, and still made it back to tell about it. 

She works on taming her own monkey-mind and living big with her husband Jesse, and son, Max.

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Jennifer Roitman-Seamans, M.A.


Jen has been part of the Head Games team since 2000. She is a former competitive gymnast from New York and competed at the collegiate level for the University of Vermont. Jen has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UVM as well as a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology with a Counseling focus from the Arizona School of Professional Psychology.

Always the “mental” gymnast, Jen dealt with her fair share of fears and competition nerves. After suffering a severe injury that left her fighting to get back to the sport she loved, Jen realized that she wanted to be able to help other athletes to truly enjoy their sport and learn what it takes to help them get out of their own way to be the best they could be.

Jen’s 20+ years at various levels of sport has led her to believe that the lessons we must master in order to achieve excellence in sport are identical to the lessons we must master to achieve excellence in life. She works with athletes, parents and coaches nationwide and lives for that “a-ha” moment where mental and physical training meet to create greatness. Jen also has a passion working with athletes in transition from the “sport world” to the “real world”.

Jen currently resides in New Hampshire with her husband Paul and their children Andrew and Emma.

Janae Whittaker Ali- As seen on NBC’s ‘Starting Over’


Janae Whittaker Ali is a former championship gymnast and captain of the Penn State University gymnastics team. Suffering a devastating career-ending knee injury her senior year, Janae persevered, honoring her commitment to gymnastics. Having awards named in her honor for her true grit and attitude, she is now a warrior for supporting athletes. She is powerfully bold, she is fun and her passion for life is highly contagious.

Her highlights as a Mental Toughness Trainer and Professional Life Coach include:
  • Featured coach on NBC’s award winning T.V. show - ‘Starting Over,’ Janae worked with a star athlete in moving beyond the challenges of transitioning out of sport.
  • Worked with and interviewed many celebrity athletes (including Mary Lou Retton, Dan Millman, Joe Ehrmann, Buddy Biancalana and more).
  • USA Gymnastics National and Regional congress presenter, Elite/Tops Camp National Staff
  • National speaker for Olympic, professional, NCAA and club level teams
  • Founder of Rhythm of Love Ministries
  • Author of The Exlete Method: 5 Secrets at Winning in Retiring from Sport
She resides in Bend, Oregon with her loving husband Russell and three incredible sons – Rohan, Royce, and Jovaughn. They enjoy a fun, faith-filled, and adventurous family life - highlighted by taking an RV tour around the country leading workshops at churches, homeschooling their kids and doing headstands on their paddleboard.