"I like that Doc Ali teaches the kids that fears are normal and healthy. I feel that her goal is to teach them how to manage their fear. She does that by comparing the mind to a muscle. Tight mind = tight muscles. Loose mind = loose muscles. Athletes work hard to strengthen their muscles and they need to work equally as hard to strengthen their minds."


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Media Clients


3 Ball Productions

51 Minds Productions

Harrington Talents

Jupiter Entertainment

KISSFM 104.7 JohnJay and Rich Radio Phoenix regular featured life coach

KTVK.TV3 Phoenix Your Life A to Z regular featured life coach

NBC Olympic Coverage 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 Expert Commentary

Numerous additional news, features, radio, and print articles.


Sports Clients

Sport Psychologist to USA Olympic Gymnastics Team Since 1997

Sport Psychologist to United States Figure Skating Since 2000

Sport Psychologist to Australia’s Olympic Ski Team Torino 2006

Federation Internationale de Gymnastique

Oregon State University Athletics

University of Alabama Athletics

University of Utah Athletics

University of Denver Athletics

Arizona State University Athletics

Boise State University Athletics

Over 50 Olympic Medalists, pro and semi-pro athletes.


Corporate Clients

The Boeing Company

American Express

Paradise Bakery

Orchard Medical Consulting

The Women’s Presidents Organization


Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Radiology

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Insight Computers